Real Estate School – 10 years later

Hello world of the Internet!

Are you interested in watching a grown woman come close to tears over escrow settlement sheets?  Will reading about how stupid one chick feels when it comes to the many alternative sources of commercial capital make YOU feel better about YOURSELF? Well look no further, cause I’m about to take you through one lady’s triumphant journey of obtaining her Real Estate License here in the great state of Arizona.

1st and foremost, since this will be getting chronicled through pitiful status updates on facebook and more meaningful posts on this blog I want to assure any potential or current clients of The Spectrum Group at  Revelation Real Estate that you are covered by some really stellar ALREADY fully licensed and experienced Real Estate Agents. My husband Jason Geroux for one, has been in this gig now for 11+ years and I have been his ever faithful behind the scenes assistant. There is only so much I can do to assist him without having my own real estate license so in 2009 I went to school and did the 90 hours worth of classes.  Then testing anxiety kicked in, holidays sprung up, we moved, I went back to college and before I realized it, 5 YEARS had passed since I finished real estate school and I still was not a Real Estate Agent. Que  2014- where I repeated that process ALL over again!! Complete with finishing 90 hours of schooling and just never taking the tests to be DONE and then letting  FIVE MORE YEARS pass by!!

TO be fair in all of that time I did get my associates degree finished, I dabbled in being a travel agent and we started our own small business ( TSG Services ) all while I continued to help Jas with the back office stuff.

So I might vlog or blog about it all and  will certainly  post about it on my social medias Anything that just strikes my fancy over the next few weeks as I study. I will tweet, fb, instagram– and I BEG of you to engage me, because it is with ENGAGEMENT that this mediocrity will morph into something more meaningful then just test fodder.

Now for the disclaimer—I am just a girl, a girl that wants to get a piece of paper, a piece of paper that says that I can participate in a professional scope in real estate transactions here in the state of Arizona.  If you want to get your real estate license then pick a school, pay tuition and go. Nothing in this blog series or any comments or replies on social media is designed to meet any real estate school requirements nor will it prepare you to take the real estate exam. I will not be reproducing the text book or study materials  But when I read something that interests me or that is particularly difficult of a concept for me to grasp I’m gonna blog or tweet about it in my own words. This is just MY journey on this road. A journey that I hope that many friends that I have already made in the R.E. net world will cheer me on during.