End of the daily Vlogs already- Getting a “Bad Yelp Review” for our parenting.

Jason and I have decided that since we are on this journey together we would vlog it TOGETHER rather than separately. At least once per week we will post a compilation video with updates from the week, vlog snippets, weigh ins, meals, family life etc. These posts will be a bit longer but equal to watching several shorter videos through out the week. Thanks for following along!


Two Vlogs Become ONE!!

Labor Day Weekend Workout, Family and Smoking?

Surprisingly smoked pork is not as horrible on the calorie count as you may think it would be for being pork and as flavorful as it is! Still trying to get the hang of vlogging and how to incorporate our daily activities and how to share both vlogs with everyone—We want to make our weigh loss goals something interesting to follow along with. Plus Jessie does her first on camera weigh in as well—how is that for vulnerability.  Jason starts love hate relationships with the elliptical continues!!



Day 5 Football and Friends

Still overwhelmed by all of the support I have gotten from friends and family.

Was able to find the FitFare menu at Denny’s and fill up with and stay well within my calories.

Campo Band performs part of their 2016 Shne show at Gilbert High before Friday Night Lights!!

1600 Calorie Salad? What the heck?

Eating right while eating out is HARD yo-  Some of the worst things you can get are SALADS—what kind of betrayal is that? Salads just scream “healthy” but you have to be careful.

Bare with me as I blabber on and on—still trying to get used to the whole idea of “vlogging”- I way over do these daily vlogs with way too much content- I even do my make up on camera– I am such a  nerd. Thansk for following along!!



Veins and Vulnerability

Jason bares it all- Day 4 of the journey—Do red heads have harder to find veins or was that just an excuse from the hematologist that had a hard time getting a draw?
No Soda!!  I have been caffeine free for a long time but still indulge in pops (and since I also avoid aspartame I always have regular) but no soda for me now! Not loving that elliptical though.



Seeing all of the motivation and encouragement Jason has been getting on his fitness vlogs- I thought I would join him. Of course I am much more long winded than he is—what he can do in 2 minutes takes me 6 times the effort—If you have read here for awhile you remember my Meal Plan posts– so in this vlog I actually show you one of our favorite recipes– Asian Meatbals! And I film in the gym for the first time!!


Dr. Visits & Social Media!!!

Day 3 of the journey- figuring out eating at home, sharing this journey on all of my social media.  I am lucky to have mentors in my life that have provided me advice to head to the doctor as I step out on this journey to make sure all of my meds are correct- Got some great news about my numbers while there- Very Encouraged!