Day 5 Football and Friends

Still overwhelmed by all of the support I have gotten from friends and family.

Was able to find the FitFare menu at Denny’s and fill up with and stay well within my calories.

Campo Band performs part of their 2016 Shne show at Gilbert High before Friday Night Lights!!


1600 Calorie Salad? What the heck?

Eating right while eating out is HARD yo-  Some of the worst things you can get are SALADS—what kind of betrayal is that? Salads just scream “healthy” but you have to be careful.

Bare with me as I blabber on and on—still trying to get used to the whole idea of “vlogging”- I way over do these daily vlogs with way too much content- I even do my make up on camera– I am such a  nerd. Thansk for following along!!



Veins and Vulnerability

Jason bares it all- Day 4 of the journey—Do red heads have harder to find veins or was that just an excuse from the hematologist that had a hard time getting a draw?
No Soda!!  I have been caffeine free for a long time but still indulge in pops (and since I also avoid aspartame I always have regular) but no soda for me now! Not loving that elliptical though.



Seeing all of the motivation and encouragement Jason has been getting on his fitness vlogs- I thought I would join him. Of course I am much more long winded than he is—what he can do in 2 minutes takes me 6 times the effort—If you have read here for awhile you remember my Meal Plan posts– so in this vlog I actually show you one of our favorite recipes– Asian Meatbals! And I film in the gym for the first time!!


Dr. Visits & Social Media!!!

Day 3 of the journey- figuring out eating at home, sharing this journey on all of my social media.  I am lucky to have mentors in my life that have provided me advice to head to the doctor as I step out on this journey to make sure all of my meds are correct- Got some great news about my numbers while there- Very Encouraged!

Girls Trip 2016- Off roading in the jungle was not part of the plan

I am so blessed to be able to have women in my life that I can share all of me with. One of my dearest friends–dare I say- My BEST friend- Destiny and I have started to try and do an annual Girls Trip together each year and this time we snuck away for a long weekend on the Pacific coast.


Along the way a huge fire broke out and totally clogged up the freeways in the direction we were headed and being the adventurous little devils that we are- we took a few glimpses and Google Maps and decided to “find another way”— this other way took us deep into the mountains of wine country amongst some amazing estates, jungle scenery and all along a barely wide enough for 1 vehicle dirt road along Sandia Creek. 

It was certainly an adventure we will never forget our lovely hostess had wine and charcuteries waiting for us when we arrived so that was a great way to start off the lovely weekend.

We got to Soak up as much Vitamin Sea as we could with the famous “June Gloom” that settles in around the ocean this time of year- we toured a gorgeous Mission- ate tons of food and just enjoyed visiting and laughing and hanging out together. I truly am blessed to have her in my life.





We finally made it to our very first official COMICON!!


This was a long awaited Christmas present cash in for the boys– and one we had to get in quick before Connor had to head to the airport and jet off to Mexico on his 2nd Church Mission trip!!

We only bought the Thursday pass and to be honest for the things we enjoy- that is all we really needed.  we were able to sit in on a couple of panels, tour the Hall of Heroes, people watch and take tons of photos and walk the massive exhibit hall!!  Tyler and I even stayed late and did a Mystery Room adventure together. Comicon culture is really fabulous and I recommend it to anyone that has any interest at all in anything fantasy.