More Pinterest Inspirations

Since I did Harvest themed decor in the front room at the beginning of October

The autumn decor before the walls were painted

I really did not have any more fall specific crafts I have been dying to do- so I  am turning my focus to that blank wall in the entry.


The big mirror that is now on the north wall behind the dining table used to take a lot of that wall real estate up so I have always thought I needed to figure out some bigger chunkier pieces to fill in its spot.  I keep flip flopping between a grand family tree heritage legacy theme, a travel them and a general “decor” theme.  I spent a lot of time going through older photos trying to figure out which ones I would display and who in the family would get a spot on the wall- that was stressing me out!  I also could not decide if I liked the idea of doing all black and white photos (so turning more modern pictures black and white) or if having mixed media was more my preference and then I could not find a happy medium between the more traditional “posed” shots I liked and the more candid or less formal shots I liked so I ended up changing my mind on making that entire wall a family tree theme.  I might still create a small collage in the realm of “family tree” but it won’t be the whole wall- I had also really been drawn to travel type decor like rustic maps and compasses and what not- but dang it if all of that is not just “trendy” right now and making it all way pricey.  So I went ahead and went with “general decor” and the first item I wanted in that theme was a big chalk board so I could change out the design on it with the season.

So I pinned a lot of different homemade chalkboard ideas and ended up making one out of:

1- 2 feet x 4 feet sheet of chalkboard (less than $10 at Home Depot)

2- 1 in. x 3 in. x 6 ft. Select Pine Board-347294 at The Home Depot

and had them cut them into the frame sizes I needed which was 2- pieces of 1″ x 3″ cut to 48″  &  2-pieces of 1″ x 3″ cut to 19″
Some stain (I used Minwax Wood finish in “Red Oak”)
some wood glue, some clamps and some hanging hardware.
I really like how that turned out- the stain color is different than what I thought it would end up as but I like it better because its a good contrast with the rest of the browns and oaks in the room.
When I went into the chalkboard project I had envisioned it being horizontal and similar to the same space the mirror took up- but its more of a vertical piece which really changed my plans.  Those who know me know that I am obsessed with having things symmetrical- so I would need the chalk board centered and then 2 like items on either side of it in order to satisfy my OCD in that realm…problem is– if you look in that picture of the wall there is a vent in the wall that is NOT CENTERED and the wall itself is not exactly “centered” in the room either due to how it cuts back for the door
So any ideas I have for creating pieces that mirror one another that can hang on either side are just not working for me.  This shake up of my need to have “Feng shui” has been good though because now I am playing around with a few pieces of scrap wood in the garage that I have ignored because they are all different sizes and therefore could not be used since I don’t have a saw to make them symmetrical in size.
I still have a few finishing touches on the  other piece I made so I will post about that when it is complete and link it on this post and I need to come up with a few more things to hang on this wall as well so I am not hanging anything just yet until I know what I have and where it will go- but it’s a work in progress.
I am enlisting the help of a friend with a vinyl cutter to complete a cool sign after seeing how awful that chalk board writing turned out–I can handle the chalk board being wonky looking since it will change out all the time but I just do not have the steady hand even following the cool tutorials to paint a nice stencil or anything LOL.  Hey at least I recognize my limitations!
~More to come later~



Combo Living room & Dinining room Update


We have slowly been doing some updates to The Geroux Crew home and this one is probably one of my favorites.  Our front room was never really “put together” and pretty much housed random hodge podge furniture and our huge book shelves.  Of course this being the first thing you see when you come into our home it always made me feel discontent.  But we had just done the unplanned for staircase remodel so I knew the front room would likely be a future project down line.  Here are a few shots of the room in one of its stages after we moved in- the dingy off white walls, the really dated curtains and blinds and non working brass light fixture and the carpet- I don’t even want to know what is under or in that carpet.

2014-05-21 15.17.14

2014-05-21 15.16.58


If you follow me on facebook you know that when our good friends the Sages moved to Virginia that left us a nice sleeper couch and when our uncle and aunt did some down sizing there was some furniture gifting from them and our cousin as new to us became huge blessings.  So we shifted some furniture around to make the place feel more like the two rooms they actually are– the living room and the dining room.  I moved our large dining table out there as its colors just fit better out there and it seemed to be taking up too much space in the kitchen when we had it fully expanded (which seemed often) So contentment was really settling in and I was proud… I even got around to putting up a collage that contained the canvas prints from our family photo shoot last winter and we swapped out the light fixture too.


I really was not sure when we would be tacking some of the bigger projects in that room and had not really planned on it being any time soon, but Jason has been working his tail off and he really wanted to pour some of that extra income into our home so we went ahead and got the room painted and some new carpet installed as well as new window treatments.



I am SOOO very in love with this room now!!  My house feels so warm and inviting– the difference that the new carpet makes is just phenomenal and the paint is nice and rich and fresh.  This space now feels like OURS! I can not wait to see this place snazzied up for Christmas time.  The next project will be  planning what to do on the main entry wall on the west side of the room (left side of this picture below- I have some great ideas that will really celebrate family, heritage and legacy – so stay tuned for that!!





Happy October!

The crafting has continued- much to our checking accounts dismay.  Even being frugal and getting bargains at Dollar Tree to re-create things I have seen on Pinterest is taking a bite out of our budget- so I will need to try and scale back and put this habit into check.  For now here are the crafts I have completed in October so far (adding on each week):

October 1st


Even though we no longer burn candles (Essential Oils Baby!) I have been wanting some chunky candle holders to decorate with.  You can put all sorts of things on top of candle holders- but I am cheap and I could never find anything I liked so I finally attempted a Pinterst Dollar Store hack I saw and I am impressed enough with them that I am trying to double tiered version next.  The bases were $1 each and the toppers were a pack of 2 for $1 and the spray paint was something I had on hand from another project but would have spent $.98 on the walmart version if I had to buy it.  So these puppies would be $1.99 each 🙂 That makes me happy.


I also really really wanted to recreate a Halloween wreath that I saw that used the Dollar Store spider web decoration so I went to work on that as well.

20141001_090922_AndroidI got all of the supplies from Dollar Tree for this- the wreath form, it took 2 of the black ribbon spools to cover the form and I bought the other 3 ribbon options to play with as well and the spider web embellishment. In all this one cost me prob about $7 total to make.


I actually had enough supplies to make 2 so I created a second version to gift to my mother in law. Happy Halloween mom! Thanks for always giving me holiday themed dish towels 🙂

October 2nd
Today I finished this quick little festive decoration.Even if I do NOT like candy corn, it makes a nice decoration.


I had saved a wine bottle from last Christmas (not big wine drinkers) and the other two are an empty cooking sherry bottle and an expired sweet chili sauce bottle that I dumped lol, so it cost me the spray paint all of $3.


October 4th

 For my “Autumn” themed decor in the living room I went with a very simple craft of tying some foliage to a few candles with some jute and placing them on the double tiered dollar store holders that I created (I decided to not paint them at this time and use them here instead but they will be so versatile and I can easily coat them with spray paint and use in any tablescape so I am really happy with them


I went ahead and splurged on some LED candles that have a timer on them that I found at Hobby Lobby- they were $4.99 each- I had the jute (but to buy it would have been 1.99) and I cut the 2 leaves off of another fall stem I had in my collection ( if you need to buy you can get some a stem at dollar store for a buck) and the double decker candle holder were $2 a piece so in total these 2 pieces cost around $17 if you have to buy everything including the candle holders- of course if you have stuff it is much less or if you use dollar store regular candles most people could purpose candles they have in their house already and many could even use real fall leaves instead of fake ones and you really do not even need to put them on candle holders even. and make this super cheap etc .  Since we do not burn candled anymore but I wanted the ambiance fo the candle look it was worth it for me rather then just having dust collecting non burned real candle.


This weekend we will pull out all of our Halloween decorations (including lights and decor for the yard because we live in a neighborhood that does up outside holiday decorations from October through December and it makes my heart burst with joy!) I really really want this Weenie Dog inflatable

so anyone want to gift that to me?? I will blog with some more decoration pictures next week.

How are you getting into the mood for October?

Weekend catch up and meal plan


We did some yard work after the rains this weekend and were just attacked by bug bites-I wish we had thought of this before getting eaten alive- Now we know- mixing up a batch to try before we go out on a walk or anywhere outside again.

Good news is that a little bit of peppermint oil and homemade thieves spray took the itch away quickly for us!

Before the downpour on Saturday afternoon we were able to enjoy a lovely Arizona Fall day and headed down to Desert Horizon nursery to look for a few new plants for the front yard planter.  They also have a farmers market there that actually sells produce– imagine that (unlike the “farmers markets” that are just mini boutiques with home based business product booths that hardly has any produce at all- I am speaking to you Gilbert Farmers market. We were immediately greeted and could tell right away that the family owned business was filled with pride– I love that little nursery and will be back often! We decided on a  few lantana shurbs in orange and red:


After that we were famished so headed to In and Out burger to fuel up.  For some reason we were all giddy and goofy and just plain happy.


It was great since little did we know the stresses that would hit us later in the day when the rains came.


I love the rain— L.O.V.E. everything about rain….


….except that it wrecks havoc on properties when it rains the way it has been raining here in AZ recently.  When your job is to “manage properties” havoc wrecking is not good. Not Good at all.  Praise God we only had one of the 4 sub-ground level apartment units in your portfolio experience any issues this time around.


Issues that Jason was able to keep minimal by going on site himself since the tenants were out of town to bail out water and get remediation happening quickly. He likely saved that owner several thousands of dollars by being proactive and not just waiting until the tenant was home and could let us know if there was any damage.

All in a days work right?

Anyways- in all of that- it was great to be prepared and have dinners planned and shopped for so at least one area of stress was lower than normal.


Here is this weeks meal plan:


Onion Chicken noodles and green beans (tried and true recipe)

Sloppy Joes, fries and fruit (tried and true recipe)
Picnic at the Concert (food trucks?)
Mongolian Beef and white rice with some asian side yet to be determined (new to me recipe)
Roasted Veggie Mac N Cheese with break sticks
Pork tenderloin with chimichurri, baked potato and grilled asparagus
Tortellini Soup with garlic toast

Staircase remodel- August 2014

We have lived in our new home for over a year now! Truth be told its actually been 16 months of home ownership already and it just FLEW by! We had so many grand plans to do a million things to the house right away- my Pinterest boards are just bursting, but life has a silly way of reminding us that those things cost $money$ hahahahahah.

So slowly and with great intention we have been doing bits and pieces here and there. For example the boys rooms got remade over spring break 2014 (which I am just now realizing that I never finished that blog about so I will work on that later and link here) but for the most part we have been busy making the house our home with the things we have and settling in in.

After the boys rooms we really were not sure what the next project we would tackle was going to be- but after some mishaps on 4th of July in which our carpet was torn up in the stair case by terrified dogs (they hated being left home alone during fireworks and let us know that) the project was pretty much selected for us. So in August we set out to remodel the stair case.

Here is what we were working with- old dingy beigish carpet, dull dingy off white walls, builder standard railings and sun light faded blinds.


FULL disclosure- we hired people to do this for us. We picked everything out but we know our limits and this type of project was just not in our wheel house. Being in real estate we have some amazing connections with vendors so we really got some amazing deals and awesome help on this project.

Carpet removal- ignore my paint sample cover up- I used an entire sample can of our accent wall color all over on every wall in the stairwell trying to decide if I wanted to go dramatic and paint the entire well green or just play it safe with an accent wall…so I had to slapped some primer up over it to cover it all LOL


Paint up for the “faux skirting” idea that we decided to do to save some money-


The wood looking laminate tile we choose for the stairs “Chestnut in the Appalachian line at Linco) – NOT a sponsored link we paid for everything in this post I am just linking it in case others like the colors etc and to keep for future me to remember.


The non accent wall color is the same as the other main areas of our house (Gobi Desert- by Behr)


Our accent wall is River Bank by Behr and here you can see our new light fixture and the crips white blinds.


To really give it a punch we added a frame around the window which I just LOVE and stare at every time I walk down my stairs! That simple detail really gave it a “finished” look and helped pull in the cool faux stair skirting.


One thing I did do is stain the railings myself- I still need to pull them back down and give them a few good coats of poly- but we needed them up for safety and so we put them up for now until I have the chance to really do the poly work some justice.


In these “after” shots you can see the faux skirting and faux baseboard details- I am in love with the microfiber dust mop broom and use it daily to keep them clean- I still do need to take a magic eraser to the white risers and do a little paint touch up on some of them as well (we primed and painted the riser MDF materials to save money from having the flooring guys do it but we only painted 1 side to save time–problem is that it’s obvious that on several of them they installed the wrong side facing out and it wasn’t something we caught until too late *eyes rolling*)


We joke saying that aside from this little peek at the stair well guests get when they use our down stairs bathroom- this space was really done for Jason and I- since the only thing the stairs lead up to is our master bedroom retreat. I will eventually be making a wedding photo gallery with some canvas prints on the interior wall of the stair well just outside of our bedroom door. Overall we really love the transformation.