Real Estate School – 10 years later

Hello world of the Internet!

Are you interested in watching a grown woman come close to tears over escrow settlement sheets?  Will reading about how stupid one chick feels when it comes to the many alternative sources of commercial capital make YOU feel better about YOURSELF? Well look no further, cause I’m about to take you through one lady’s triumphant journey of obtaining her Real Estate License here in the great state of Arizona.

1st and foremost, since this will be getting chronicled through pitiful status updates on facebook and more meaningful posts on this blog I want to assure any potential or current clients of The Spectrum Group at  Revelation Real Estate that you are covered by some really stellar ALREADY fully licensed and experienced Real Estate Agents. My husband Jason Geroux for one, has been in this gig now for 11+ years and I have been his ever faithful behind the scenes assistant. There is only so much I can do to assist him without having my own real estate license so in 2009 I went to school and did the 90 hours worth of classes.  Then testing anxiety kicked in, holidays sprung up, we moved, I went back to college and before I realized it, 5 YEARS had passed since I finished real estate school and I still was not a Real Estate Agent. Que  2014- where I repeated that process ALL over again!! Complete with finishing 90 hours of schooling and just never taking the tests to be DONE and then letting  FIVE MORE YEARS pass by!!

TO be fair in all of that time I did get my associates degree finished, I dabbled in being a travel agent and we started our own small business ( TSG Services ) all while I continued to help Jas with the back office stuff.

So I might vlog or blog about it all and  will certainly  post about it on my social medias Anything that just strikes my fancy over the next few weeks as I study. I will tweet, fb, instagram– and I BEG of you to engage me, because it is with ENGAGEMENT that this mediocrity will morph into something more meaningful then just test fodder.

Now for the disclaimer—I am just a girl, a girl that wants to get a piece of paper, a piece of paper that says that I can participate in a professional scope in real estate transactions here in the state of Arizona.  If you want to get your real estate license then pick a school, pay tuition and go. Nothing in this blog series or any comments or replies on social media is designed to meet any real estate school requirements nor will it prepare you to take the real estate exam. I will not be reproducing the text book or study materials  But when I read something that interests me or that is particularly difficult of a concept for me to grasp I’m gonna blog or tweet about it in my own words. This is just MY journey on this road. A journey that I hope that many friends that I have already made in the R.E. net world will cheer me on during.

End of the daily Vlogs already- Getting a “Bad Yelp Review” for our parenting.

Jason and I have decided that since we are on this journey together we would vlog it TOGETHER rather than separately. At least once per week we will post a compilation video with updates from the week, vlog snippets, weigh ins, meals, family life etc. These posts will be a bit longer but equal to watching several shorter videos through out the week. Thanks for following along!


Two Vlogs Become ONE!!

Run for the Hills!

If I could run- that is exactly what I would have done to get away from the orthopedic doctor that we visited with on Monday.  I can not recall a time when I have felt more belittled, squashed and just plain dismissed by a professional than what happened at this visit.  This post is long, long, long winded—so if you make it to the end- bravo and thanks.

Let me preface this all to say that I took the quickest appointment with the myriad of orthopedic groups that I called last week so that I could get seen prior to heading on a 5 day girls trip to DC later this week.  I got a ton of great recommendations from friends that have had similar knee surgeries or issues as me so I started by calling each one of those offices- many of them could not see me until Mid to late April- one could see me the evening before my flight and one could see me on Monday (but not the doctor that was recommended to me by friends- a different doc in the group.) So I took the Monday appointment because I just needed to get in somewhere and hopefully get a brace if nothing else and then when I get back I can seek further opinions if needed.

I am going to refrain from posting the name or the group on this blog-for now– if I get around to posting a yelp review I will link it, but I tend to be a lot more wordy on my blog so there is more room for emotion to show through here than on Yelp which can strain from the overall meat of a review.  **Yelp review added- Check it out here For those asking- my bad experience was at The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA) and with Dr. Zoltan.

I guess there were red flags from the beginning that I should have seen:

One- all other docs were booked up and this one had a quick opening

Two- when I checked in at 9:30am for my 9:45am appointment I was told there was one other patient ahead of me. I sat down and that patient was called back, but then an older gentleman walked in the door (the office staff all greeted him kindly as it seemed he must be a frequent flier at the office) and I hear the receptionist tell him that she does not have him down for an appointment for this day- but she would try to get him on the schedule.  Next thing I know- he gets called back to go see my doctor at 9:40am.  It was after 10 before I was taken back to an exam room for my 9:45 appointment (that I DID have)


When the Doc finally came in about 10 minutes later he was very too the point- asked me what I was in there for and as I began to tell him a very abbreviated version of what happened he cuts me off and says “how are you right now- what is going on right now- how do you feel?”

I was so caught off guard that I blabbered out “well to be honest, right now I feel pretty good- I have very little pain and I mostly have range of motion issues and problems with certain movements.” I had not even told him exactly what injury had occurred so all he had heard was I was on an obstacle course inflatable on Saturday March 28th and the inflatable had sunk under me- Jason pipes in- “Jess you do have pain- especially with certain twists and pivots.” Doc motions for me to climb up on the exam table ( via  a large pull out step stool) and as I am struggling (I assume part of his dx of me was to watch me and see what I could and could not do) Jason finally stands up and offers to support me so I can hoist myself up. At this point I say “I do have an MRI disk that we gave to your office- it says I have a completely torn ACL and a 2nd grade MCL tear, at which point I lay down and stop talking because honestly it felt like he was not listening and or didn’t really want to hear me talking anyways.

He then proceeds to “scold” me for having an ace wrap on, telling me I will get blood clots and to not use it anymore” (I had been following the other doctors recommendation and it was providing some relief, support and peace of mind) He then tugged on my leg and knee and did a few massage probes- none of which was anything that sent me into my “pain” moments- he never turned my knee into the “pain” and at one point where he was massaging was “tender” so I said so but other then that really nothing else.  He asked me “what kinds of sports did you enjoy prior to this injury?” and I said- “I have been doing water aerobics” and he says “good” then he walks towards the door and says “I am gonna go have a look at the images” and walks out the door total time that passed had to of been no more than 3 minutes- if that and most of that was because I was struggling to get up on the table.

I turned to Jas and said “you don’t like him do you?”- cause I was already feeling very underwhelmed by his demeanor personally-but I also know that sometimes the best doctors are not the most personable.  Jason sort of shrugs and says “not for me to decide- as long as he is good and professional at what he does and makes you comfortable.”  Doc comes back in and says he is just waiting for the imaging center to send over their report of the MRI reading and Jason reaches into our folder and hands him our copy-  He disappears again and when he comes back he says:

“So I do not think you have an MCL tear- if you did you would be in pain- even today” (not because in reviewing the images of the MRI he sees no tear- but because I was not showing him the pain he felt I should have been showing)  He then says “I also do not think your ACL is completely torn- it is torn- but it is likely that you had that tear long before this injury and have just been unaware of it”  WHAT????– oooookay? I say “well I did hear and feel a pop when it happened” and he just goes “so?” and shrugs- then he proceeds with  “So I am not recommending surgery right away- I am going to aggressively rehab you with physical therapy and we will see where you are in 2, 3, 6 months”  I was still sort of stunned that his dx is so different then what 2 other medical professionals agreed was wrong. I already knew I was going to at minimum get another opinion (so technically a 4th opinion) but now having 2 saying one thing and 1 saying something different I may need several more opinions.  It felt like he was wrapped up and heading out so I snapped out of my stunned daze and I said to him “I have a few questions- so he says “ok shoot”- I mention that I am going to DC and I want to be extra cautious- so if I can not use an ace wrap can I get a brace? ” he replies “Yup, next?” – I then ask, if it is possible to get a temporary parking permit mostly for use on my DC trip- again to be extra cautious- and he says “Sure- I don’t have any DC paperwork though” and he turns to walk out the door.  I tell him DC recognizes Arizona’s permits so he says “sure- anything else?” At this point he is half way out the door- so I turn to Jason who is just about purple with fury and I say “You don’t have any other questions do you hun” Jason just shakes his head because he already recognizes this is all futile with the man so why waste anymore breath. Doc then points his fingers at Jas like a little gun, gives him a wink and turns down the hall.

And that was our experience with this Doc.  Jason immediately says – “no.” and I knew exactly what he meant and agreed.

A PT comes in to fit me for a brace and a nurse comes in with paperwork for the physical therapy plan and some referral form saying that he was “referring us to such and such doc” Jason says “what and who is this? He never mentioned anything about any referral.”  So she says- “hmmm let me go check”  I get my brace on and nurse comes back and takes the referral saying “never-mind” and as the PT is about to leave he says “Any questions?” to which I exasperatedly sigh “not for YOU”  Jason mutters- “so is that it? are we to just leave now? We really do not feel like we have been taken very well care of at all here today?”   PT says “yup he just wants to see you again in four weeks”  to which I say “THAT will NOT be happening- we will NOT be coming back here again.”  PT sort of shrugs and walks away and we head towards the exit.
The office staff pipe up “do you need to make a follow up?” and I say “well Doc wants one- but we will NOT be doing that.”  This of course sets them into “fix it mode” likely because we are within ear shot of the lobby just over their desk- they stand up and walk over saying “is everything ok” and Jason says- “not really.”  I finally turn to her and then- everything I had been holding in comes out and I lose it.  I start crying and blubbering about what an awful experience I had just endured- I felt rushed, not listened to, like I have more questions than answers like I was annoying the doctor and he had no time for me- especially to explain how he came to a different dx than what other professionals have told me etc.  She asks if she can get her supervisor and I say “its not going to help- we are not coming back here ever again”  She keeps on saying she hates to see me leave as upset as I was and I tell her “well it is what it is- this is how I feel about what just happened nothing is going to change that”- and we walk into the lobby.  At this point the lobby was packed and almost everyone was staring at me- so I just grin and say- “Run- do NOT go here.” and we leave the building. From the moment the doc had walked in to the moment we were walking out was all of 23 minutes–(this included him reviewing the MRI, and the PT fitting me for the brace and my unloading on the office staff etc— I know because Jason had posted the picture of me on his facebook a few minutes before the doctor walked in and  I texted my BFF about it while in the car driving home so there are time stamps.

I do feel a ton more confident walking with the brace on so at least something good came from the visit and the specialist co-pay.

In the end he could be absolutely right- maybe I am not as injured as the MRI imaging X-Ray tech who reads MRIs for a living  said- or the Urgent care doctor that was the 2nd read of the images said- maybe that is why it hasn’t seemed to be as sever as what others have experienced- but what if I just have a different pain tolerance level or what if my fat is cushioning it all and providing support and lessening the pain, what if I also did nerve damage that makes the pain less then it “should be?” Even so-  he did at least agree that I do have a tear of some sort on my ACL (but never said what degree he felt it was)- I wish he would have been a better doctor that would have sat and showed us what he was seeing or was not seeing on the MRI images so we could understand.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.

So that is that- I will make a few additional appointments for when I get back from DC and we will go from there.

It is likely he is right- I am not as badly injured as the initial reports said- after all I am feeling really, really good and everyone is always so surprised how little pain I have been in- but after his rushed attitude and his demeanor- we have a hard time just trusting his 10 minute review of the situation.

Lilac and Lemon Baby Sprinkle

I had the honor of hosting a Baby Sprinkle for my sister in law Cori- Since their second child is a girl they needed to get a few “girly” essentials so it was fun to “sprinkle” them with love.

It really felt like Pinterest threw up all over our house for a few weeks while I prepped everything- but in the end it really was a lovely afternoon.

I am making this post photo heavy so I can Pin the pictures for posterity and for anyone else that may need some lemon and lilac inspiration 🙂



I originally was shooting for it to be all indoors- but logistically I did not have enough seating to accommodate the guests especially during present opening which was the main activity for the day. Luckly Arizona was offering us some extremely lovely weather (as opposed to the weekend before when Seattle brought all the fog and rain for Superbowl)

I staged the welcome areas and dessert table in the front room


lots of “Dollar Store” decor was used—you can really turn a plain table insto something fabulous with just some construction paper and some lace.


Those Lemon bites are from Costco and they are DEVINE- I made the pretzel rods (easy peasy), the cupcakes were from the valentines section at Walmart Bakery and the Coconut dip is from here (so yummy with strawberries or graham crackers)


I made the Diaper wreath (super easy) I used a wooden wreath frame and some dollar store ribbon


We did the diaper notes which was a hit with everyone and I had sent out note cards in the invites for a diaper raffle- which I gave away simple little buckets of beauty goodies – the buckets were from the Target dollar bin and I just stuffed them with a loofah, nail polish, nail care kit, gum, and a packet bath salt


I HAD to do mason jars and paper straws for the drink station I just HAD to- it was like the first thing I envisioned when I started planning the party

People were supposed to take their mason jar home with them but only a few did- so yay for me I have like 20 mason jars!!


My girlfriend Destiny (frequent appearances on this blog when Pinterest is mentioned) and I made the tissue paper flowers- also super easy but time consuming. Do it while watching Downton Abby (we started by following this tutorial here but then ended up just winging it as we got towards the end of the tissue paper)


Food was real easy since it was a 2pm shower I only put out the sweets table and a few hors d’oeuvres in the kitchen.


The feta dip (recipe here) was RAVED about and it is one of my go to entertaining recipes– so easy and people just fall over themselves to eat it all up. As a play on “pregnancy cravings” I made some pickle pin wheels (recipe here but I used Ham instead)- these are so weirdly delicious– my sister in law absolutely loved them- and of course the pineapple kielbasa bites (recipe here) were devoured as well. I really need to always make a double batch of those bad boys because people really inhale them every time I put them out for an occasion. Lastly there was the Costco Greek Jalapeno Dip and pita chips and ranch and veggies. So as you can see minimal work- big pay off with everyone complimenting it all just how I like it!

Outside I was lucky to have several friends lend us chairs- the only hiccup was all the rain from the previous weekend really saturated the grassy areas so it was still so soft which meant chairs were sinking left and right like they were in quick sand….it was funny to watch. The garden arch was here when we bought the house so Jason and I moved it to a spot in the yard where I liked the “background” and I built off of that.


I used 2 yellow dollar store table clothes along the sides and top of the arch and we pinned a homemade tissue paper flower in the center. Then I hung home made purple dots bunting from the back (we connected it to  a piece of yarn to keep them from blowing around. Then we just strung some yarn over to the tree and hung a few of the outfits mom and I had bought as gifts and it looked great! This worked really well for a photobooth and to have Cori sit under for presents so there was a cute background in all the pictures.



I printed off some baby stuff and cool glasses for photo booth props off of Google images (sorry etsy I ain’t spending $10 to download photo booth props–super cute ones yes but my goal was for stuff to look great but be affordable- not everyone can go “all Pinterest etsy amazon” for every party they throw- so I had to make wise decisions to stay within my goal budget.




For party favors I did the play on “pop” with some popcorn tied up with ribbon-  I was busy snapping photos at the photo booth when people were heading out the door so either these were highly undesirable gifts or people just didn’t see them on the table by the door and take them cause I have all but 3 that I made. (just a note on that- your mileage may vary– I really wanted to do homemade bath salts with my young living essential oils but couldn’t bring myself to pay for the jars- I would have been devastated if no one took the salts if I had put the money and time into that project)



Overall it was a smashing success and I had a blast putting it on.


Can’t wait to hold the new baby girl at the end of March!

P.S as of posting this cousin Taryn STILL has not had her baby—she was 5 days overdue at the party— we love you T!!!


You can glance over all the ideas that I Pinned while planning this event here While you are at it- follow me on Pinterest 🙂

Happy Pinning!

You “know” someone but you don’t


I have been quite reflective the last few hours, chewing on some randomly offered insight that was provided to me by a facebook “friend” and mulling over her words. “Friend” is in parenthesis because the word means so little in today’s social media world. It is literally attached to my bestest girls who will come running at a moments notice with chocolate and it is also attached to the random lady from another state I may have chatted with on instant message once about autism.


Not to say that this particular person is not a “friend”, she probably falls somewhere between those two extremes, but we have not talked to one another or even interacted with one another on facebook in AGES- nary even a like from either of us so her private message was a bit surprising.  It made me remember just how OUT THERE I put myself online, especially when I am raw and real. I may think that only people who really know ME, are even paying any attention to my ramblings on facebook or here- but I’m wrong.

I have weighed the heartfelt yet pointed private message she took the time to send me with my own actions (that she was calling out), my gut reaction to her out of the wood works accountability, my after prayer reaction to her words and I have tried to piece it all together in a way that doesn’t send me down a spiral of resentment, but rather a path of growth and forgiveness.

See- she reacted to a single “conversation” she witnessed (not participated in) on my facebook wall- one that took place between me and one other person and no one else on a post that got sent to facebook when I reviewed a company for poor customer service on yelp. The back and forth ended with the other person unfriending me because I guess I am too negative all the time and me firing back with a request for her to also unfriend my husband (inappropriate much?) and some snark.

Something I am proud of? Not really. Something I am torn up over? Not in the least. I am who I am, impassioned when I feel attacked and unrelenting when it comes to the stands I take. Was it a public moment in which I could have been reserved and gentle and showed the entire world what a great Christian I am? Of course– every moment is one of those moments.  I am also human, sinful and living surrounded by fallen people.  Not that this is an excuse, but it does provide a bit of reason for why I can’t be perfect ALL of the time.

This conversation was sandwiched between posts from me about Bible study, photos of my amazement of God’s beauty that I get to live in, praises about my amazing kids, funny links that made me laugh, poignant moments that honored fallen soldiers, prayers for general safety after learning about national tragedies and many other non negative, not “unchristian like” social media fodder. I guess I don’t get any credit on the tally board for any of that though- just dinged for the one less then gracious (yet not at all unprovoked) moment.

I don’t say any of that to excuse myself, yes I could have handled myself so much better then I did. I am not quite to the point of feeling as guilty as the accountability holder makes it sound like I should, because in all honesty I feel great about my status as a Child of God and am secure in knowing that He loves even UGLY Jessie.

Case in point: God even used the repair man who’s nasty phone demeanor triggered it all to lead me to a point of inner reflection and realization that my old friend resentment doesn’t have as strong of a pull on me anymore.

For that I am eternally grateful.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

My Geology teacher gives extra credit assignments and I always like to pad my grade just in case (which has been helpful in this class being that I have bombed a test already)

2013-02-16 12.29.02


All I had to do was attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral show and I would earn the equivalent of an entire new test grade.

2013-02-16 13.14.38We even found a brand new sterling silver Irish wedding ring to replace my VERY sentimental but almost broken one that I have worn on my right hand for years.

2013-02-16 14.17.45


It was a nice little day trip