Weekend catch up and meal plan


We did some yard work after the rains this weekend and were just attacked by bug bites-I wish we had thought of this before getting eaten alive- Now we know- mixing up a batch to try before we go out on a walk or anywhere outside again.

Good news is that a little bit of peppermint oil and homemade thieves spray took the itch away quickly for us!

Before the downpour on Saturday afternoon we were able to enjoy a lovely Arizona Fall day and headed down to Desert Horizon nursery to look for a few new plants for the front yard planter.  They also have a farmers market there that actually sells produce– imagine that (unlike the “farmers markets” that are just mini boutiques with home based business product booths that hardly has any produce at all- I am speaking to you Gilbert Farmers market. We were immediately greeted and could tell right away that the family owned business was filled with pride– I love that little nursery and will be back often! We decided on a  few lantana shurbs in orange and red:


After that we were famished so headed to In and Out burger to fuel up.  For some reason we were all giddy and goofy and just plain happy.


It was great since little did we know the stresses that would hit us later in the day when the rains came.


I love the rain— L.O.V.E. everything about rain….


….except that it wrecks havoc on properties when it rains the way it has been raining here in AZ recently.  When your job is to “manage properties” havoc wrecking is not good. Not Good at all.  Praise God we only had one of the 4 sub-ground level apartment units in your portfolio experience any issues this time around.


Issues that Jason was able to keep minimal by going on site himself since the tenants were out of town to bail out water and get remediation happening quickly. He likely saved that owner several thousands of dollars by being proactive and not just waiting until the tenant was home and could let us know if there was any damage.

All in a days work right?

Anyways- in all of that- it was great to be prepared and have dinners planned and shopped for so at least one area of stress was lower than normal.


Here is this weeks meal plan:


Onion Chicken noodles and green beans (tried and true recipe)


Sloppy Joes, fries and fruit (tried and true recipe)
Picnic at the Concert (food trucks?)
Mongolian Beef and white rice with some asian side yet to be determined (new to me recipe)
Roasted Veggie Mac N Cheese with break sticks
Pork tenderloin with chimichurri, baked potato and grilled asparagus
Tortellini Soup with garlic toast

Essential Oils

So what is with the “business” logo on the blog there Jessie? I thought this was your little spot on the web to just journal and share and pontificate about the meaning of life not some money making gambit?


I am not some sponsored blogger that has tons of adds, or pop ups or readers for that matter. I have watched on twitter and pinterest and facebook while people I know and others that I have only ever met online become super absorbed in the “blogosphere” and vowed to never become one of them. Even if it meant that I would forgo ever attending a cool Disney conference packed with freebies or women’s blogger event in which I could party with some of my favorite web writers. Even if I was jealous of each one of them at some point or another.

That is not changing- I am still using this platform exactly as I always have- you just might see a few posts about the aspects of our lives that contribute to our livelihood and our health every now and then now as well. It occurred to me that I have never really talked about our real estate team on here before- maybe because I wanted to keep work separate from private life. Another area of life I want to start sharing about is our journey in using Essential Oils. While there is an income earning element to that, it is not the reason I want to share about it on here.

I just wanted to put this out there for anyone that is reading my little corner of the web that may have noticed the logo for Young Living in the sidebar. Keep following along because I really look forward to sharing with you more soon

Sneak Peak:


You can also follow along on our AZ Living with Essential Oils Facebook page here as well.