About that “Big Announcement”


Kinda of interesting the stuff you find when you are purging and packing to move into your new house isn’t it?

I finally decided to just snap some pictures for “keepsake” sake and toss the preggers pee sticks I have been holding on to for way over a decade. FINE- JUDGE ME πŸ™‚

Anyways- I had to find some way to make the official “WE BOUGHT A HOUSE” announcement interesting since all of you already know anyways thanks to the gabby goose I am married to- bless his heart.

We close May 17th on our new to us home in Gilbert, AZ


This is a lame cell phone shot of the picture from the MLS because I have been too chicken to snap a pic when standing in front of it myself- fear of jinxing it I guess. We have the Loan PreQual, the inspections and BINSR part of the deal all done and now we just wait. And of course by wait I mean start packing yesterday much to the chagrin of Jas and the boys I am sure LOL.

Answers to some questions others have asked about what this means for us:

Where is this house?

In Gilbert in Settlers Point South practically in Sun Valley Community Churchs “backyard”

Where will the boys go to school?

We will be in the Gilbert Unified School district now and Higley is already being EXTREMELY helpful in making sure this transition goes as flawless as possible. TY will be in a JR high and Connor has 1 more year at and elementary school.

I will be finishing my general studies associates degree at Chandler Gilbert Community College this May and if the college can process my graduation application will actually get to walk on May 10th. I will then be going back to real estate school and finishing my real estate license so that my role with Jason Spectrum Group team at West USA Realty Revelation can be bigger.

For everyone who has been praying with us over the last few weeks, THANK YOU. We could not be more excited about the new chapter of our life that God is paving for us through multiple blessings.

Moving day is Saturday May 25th and we will provide food and drinks to all that help!

Ground Hogs Day Getaway

Last fall my friend Destiny and I both bought a deal chicken certificate for a 2 night stay at a resort up in Pinetop. Β The expiration was coming up so we we put it on the calendar and packed the families up and headed out to hopefully find some snow to play in.

driving through the Superior Tunnel
driving through the Superior Tunnel
there IS white stuff!!
there IS white stuff!!



Ground Hogs Day!!!
Ground Hogs Day!!! (If Des ever sees this she will shoot me)



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>Oh the Salty air!

This year the boys had spring break during the same week (YIPPEE) and that was even before we transferred Connor to Gold Canyon. With the move and tightening of the purse strings so we can be better stewards of the money God lets us hold for Him we really didn’t have any plans other then to enjoy the new place. Lucky us Jason’s parents had better ideas in mind!

We got to enjoy a blissful 5 days at the Beach Cottages on Pacific Beach in San Diego, CA! I know, I know we are spoiled. This vacation definitely rates up there near the top of my favorite vacations as a family. We were within just a few steps of the ocean, we had gorgeous weather almost the entire trip and everyone was so relaxed and fun.

While there we didn’t cram our time with activities but we were far from bored either. The boys both loved the ocean even as cold as it was. We got them wet suits to help stave off hypothermia and it helped Ty a ton, but poor skinny Connor was still a popsicle! We got to take and afternoon stroll down the boardwalk to Belmont Park. (what a rip off that place is) but the walk was fun anyways. Its always fun to look at all the houses right on the beach and day dream πŸ™‚

One day we headed out to Point Loma to visit Cabrillo National Monument. Our friend Pam had told us about the tidepools out there so we were really excited to check out what we could discover. We saw crabs, urchins, and flowery anemones. We went to the visitors center and the boys got to try on real Conquistador armor (it was HEAVY!) On the way back we stopped by Seaport Village (the boys loved the Kite shop, and I must say the man working there loved the boys and his job! He was really great with them)

Once dad finally flew over and met us we all spent a day at Sea World which was a blast! Awesome thing about Sea World is that they will give a person with a disability and a companion both a half priced ticket. Since we got the “buy 1 day get a year” ticket it ended up basically being 1 free ticket!! Awesome πŸ™‚ Funny thing is our friends the Lane Family we also in SD and headed to Sea World that same day (we found out thanks to wonderful facebook status updates HA) So we said we were gonna try to meet up. Well out of the entire Shamu stadium of people they ended up sitting right behind us (totally unplanned) To top it off a girl from Tys school saw him and said hi as well. What a small world! Late that afternoon an eery fog rolled and and didn’t leave until the weekend.

We are so grateful for mom and dad Geroux taking us on this much need and very loved vacation with them πŸ™‚

>The best laid plans..(aka our cause for Celebration)


Sorry to have kept you all on pins and needles.. the news really isn’t going to be “exciting” for anyone but me I’m sure but I didn’t want to jinx anything…and as I tell the story you will see why I needed to wait til we had it all official before I chatted about it.

So a little background is needed…you all know we are moving from our home here in Apache Junction and going to a rental (THIS weekend ACK!) Well Jas and I had spent several days touring dozens and dozens of houses before we found the right one for all of our needs (and we weren’t being extremely picky it was just difficult with having A- to stay in Pinal county for Jason’s job with GCDD, B-stay in AJ school district because Ty’s current placement is THE place for him C-we have 2 medium sized dogs (one that happens to have a little bit of pit bull in her, even though she has no clue she has any pit bull in her) Lastly D- we needed to find a place that was going to cost us several hundred dollars less per month then our current mortgage or else moving was not going to make a difference at all…so really we didn’t have any room to be “picky” with all of those pre-determined parameters set for us.

So we finally find the place.. its 400 square feet bigger then our current place and only 2 miles further east…yippee! We pay our earnest money and submit an email with some things we needed to see done prior to signing our lease (carpets needed to be cleaned BADLY, screens replaced..a good cleaning in general that type of thing) Property manager shoots us an email saying the owner had been at the property last weekend taking care of our list and asked if we could swing by the house to take a look on the progress. So on our anniversary (Feb 19th) we do just that. Walked up to the door only to be met with a pretty bright orange foreclosure notice sticker plastered to it. FREAK OUT!!! Call the property manager she is as shocked as we were…needless to say we back out and request our earnest money back (which we are getting) But now to find a new place…we don’t have time to look at dozens and dozens more houses.(well we do but we were all set to move on the 28th) besides we pretty much already looked at everything anyways…but it had been almost 2 weeks so we do a quick search….there within our search criteria is our cause for Celebration.

Celebration Drive that is…the new place we found is beautiful, HUGE (1000 square feet bigger then our current place for yup several hundred LESS per month then our mortgage) and has the most splendid views. It will be an adjustment since it is out in Gold Canyon (so farther east then where we are now by about 9 miles) but we are really being handed an enormous blessing in this home…it is large enough that our dream of fostering will actually be full filled here…and we wont have to worry about it ever being foreclosed on because it is actually owned by an LPGA golfer. It is only 1 mile north of Ty’s school so that’s a plus as well.

So there ya have it folks… our cause for “Celebration” signed the lease today so we are set!

>Our budding philanthropist!


Click here to visit Connor’s Personal Fundraising page

Hello! Did you know Jump Rope For Heart has been around for 30 years? I am so excited to be a part of this special celebration at my school. I am jumping rope and raising money to help the American Heart Association fight heart disease and stroke in Jump Rope For Heart. Can you please help me by making a donation that will help save lives?

The American Heart Association’s online fundraising website has a minimum donation amount of $25.00. If you want to donate less, that’s ok. You can just send the check right to me and I’ll make sure the American Heart Association gets it.

Benjamin has survived two open-heart surgeries and is an active volunteer for the American Heart Association. Benjamin has been participating in events, raising awareness and raising funds since he was 2 years old. See a video interview with Benjamin at http://www.americanheart.org/downloadable/heart/flash/flash_content/Benjaminstory.wmv

Thanks for your support and helping me save lives!

Support research, education, and community programs leading the fight against America’s No. 1 killer, cardiovascular disease by donating to American Heart Association’s Jump Rope For Heart.

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support American Heart Association – Pacific Mountain Affiliate- HQ

>What a Sunday!!!


What a Sunday for Arizonans! We enjoyed spending the day with the “other Geroux Crew”, Mom & Dad at their house in Chandler! We got to enjoy the Cardinals NFC Championship game on the big screen with surround sound, and even the kids were getting in on the excitement. For the first time since 1947, we have a winning football team in town! It was a very special time for me to get to explain to Connor how long it had been for the Cardinals, and what this meant to the entire state of Arizona. Connor let everyone know that it had been 61 years since the Cardinals won a championship and that 61 years is “almost as old as his Grampa”! (This cracked everyone up because Dad is no where near 61…but what’s a few years to a 6 year old?) What a funny kiddo!!! Well…we’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks at SUPER BOWL 43!!!

>Sunrise Blessings


Just an awesomely simple yet beautiful sunrise. Even if our backyard isn’t as exciting as we would love it to be for entertaining and what not, we still are blessed with some of the best treats that greet us from behind those gorgeous Superstition Mountains!