J2- 15th Wedding Anniversary

Well we hit the 15 year mark of marital bliss.


We weather our share of storms but for the most part we come out on the other side with a sunshine warmth that helps us to remember just how blessed we are to have one another.  The laughter and joy that we share on a regular basis is really the biggest part of the soundtrack of our daily lives.  It is hard to think that in just a few short years we will be empty nesters and have that “honeymoon” phase that we skipped over having become parents so quickly into our marriage.  Some times I can think back on the early years of our marriage and remember the days like watching a movie, others it takes a memory jogger like a forgotten melody or smell of a certain recipe to throw me back into reminiscence.

I scanned a few more of our wedding photos and put them to a short little video to share with my hunnybear.



Jason got me a beautiful crystal vase with lovely roses and I got him a new fancy fountain pen with the world etched in it to show him that he is my world.

As a surprise I packed up a little picnic and drove Jason over to the place where he proposed Mountain View Park in Chandler- to have a candle lit picnic at sunset-



It was a lovely way to celebrate the past 15 years and share our dreams about what the next 15 years will hold.


Cali bound!

All four of us headed to California to visit Mickey and friends- but we rarely hung out together at all.

Jess and Connor went with Sun Valley Community Church junior high winter camp and Jas and Ty headed over on their own to just have some father son time.



All in all it was a great trip- my memories consist of the time I spent with my amazing cabin of girls.  Man was it a blessing to spend time with each of them.

On Sunday Sun Valley headed out to Santa Monica Pier and did a cool version of the Amazing Race which was absolutely exhausting.  Here are some fun snippets of that

Happy birthday Baby Liss!!

WE got to head to Tucson for the day to celebrate my neices 1st birthday.  She was every bit a princess as she possibly could be- while also playing in dirt- the perfect combo for a girl if I must say!


I have been enjoying the little “auto awesome” feature that Google has been doing with photos and videos on my phone lately so here is a fabulous montage of the celebration.

We best not blink or she will be grown.

Happy 2015!!


The new year started a bit rough for the Geroux Crew— Jessie, Tyler and Connor both got what we would consider “the flu” and Jason followed shortly behind once we were on the med with a weird sinus infection hearing loss episode.  So yay!

We had a very busy month in December hosting gatherings, parties and Christmas and so we opted to just lay low for New Years and watch the festivities on tv.  We actually made it to the real Arizona midnight (all four of us- woot!)

We didn’t make any actual resolutions per say but we do have a family goal to go out once a month and be “active” in some way together.

May your New year be Merry and Bright!

Combo Living room & Dinining room Update


We have slowly been doing some updates to The Geroux Crew home and this one is probably one of my favorites.  Our front room was never really “put together” and pretty much housed random hodge podge furniture and our huge book shelves.  Of course this being the first thing you see when you come into our home it always made me feel discontent.  But we had just done the unplanned for staircase remodel so I knew the front room would likely be a future project down line.  Here are a few shots of the room in one of its stages after we moved in- the dingy off white walls, the really dated curtains and blinds and non working brass light fixture and the carpet- I don’t even want to know what is under or in that carpet.

2014-05-21 15.17.14

2014-05-21 15.16.58


If you follow me on facebook you know that when our good friends the Sages moved to Virginia that left us a nice sleeper couch and when our uncle and aunt did some down sizing there was some furniture gifting from them and our cousin as new to us became huge blessings.  So we shifted some furniture around to make the place feel more like the two rooms they actually are– the living room and the dining room.  I moved our large dining table out there as its colors just fit better out there and it seemed to be taking up too much space in the kitchen when we had it fully expanded (which seemed often) So contentment was really settling in and I was proud… I even got around to putting up a collage that contained the canvas prints from our family photo shoot last winter and we swapped out the light fixture too.


I really was not sure when we would be tacking some of the bigger projects in that room and had not really planned on it being any time soon, but Jason has been working his tail off and he really wanted to pour some of that extra income into our home so we went ahead and got the room painted and some new carpet installed as well as new window treatments.



I am SOOO very in love with this room now!!  My house feels so warm and inviting– the difference that the new carpet makes is just phenomenal and the paint is nice and rich and fresh.  This space now feels like OURS! I can not wait to see this place snazzied up for Christmas time.  The next project will be  planning what to do on the main entry wall on the west side of the room (left side of this picture below- I have some great ideas that will really celebrate family, heritage and legacy – so stay tuned for that!!





Disney at Halloween

With a year of blessings under our belt we really were not totally sure if we would have a “big vacation” this year- With our New House and new budget we really wanted to be sure that we were being good stewards of the monetary compensation that has been graced upon us thanks to Jason’s really hard work with Spectrum Group.  While he has blown it out of the water in the leap of faith to going to full time real estate last year, we utterly credit our multitudes of blessings to being obedient with our tithes.  We haven’t fully jumped on board with Financial Peace teachings but we did commit to not buying things unless we can pay cash- that included a vacation.  So when I started to get the Disney bug over the summer (that was easily being egged on by good friends that hinted to also going to Disney) we took a hard look at if we could put a Disney line in the budget and make a trip over fall break.

In all of our dozens of trips to Disneyland we had yet to ever go in the fall when it was Halloween time.



One thing about the boys and Halloween is that they “don’t do scary”- which for this momma that grew up loving everything about Halloween- the gorier the better- has always been bitter sweet.  So I figured Halloween Disney style would be just the right compromise.

Tyler as Ferb and Connor as Phineas at Mickeys Halloween party

We worked hard and stashed enough to take a 5 day get away to California over the boys fall break and even add a bonus special treat of attending the 2013 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.  Mom and Dad Geroux were able to join us for several of the days and we also got to spend most of our time with our good friends the Parkers.

2013-10-08 16.11.06
Esmeralda and Quasimodo

This trip I also splurged for my souvenir and purchased the Disney photo pass+ (I will do that EVERY trip from now on)- we got copies of every ride we rode and of every professional photog that anyone in our party stopped at




Some highlights from the Trip for Tyler:

Telling silly jokes to the characters
Telling silly jokes to the characters
filming scenes for his movies
filming scenes for his movies
playng the actual real Fix it Felix arcade game at the Starcade
playing the actual real Fix it Felix arcade game at the Starcade
first time on Splash Moutnain
first time on Splash Mountain



dancing with "fearleaders" at the Monster Scream Off
dancing with “fearleaders” at the Monster Scream Off
and of course his favorite ride Small world
and of course his favorite ride Small world

Highlights from this trip for Connor:

getting stuck on radiator springs racers for 10 minutes-light came up and everything- "ruining the magic" but giving him the "behind the scenes" 411 on it all
getting stuck on radiator springs racers for 10 minutes-lights came up and everything- “ruining the magic” but giving him the “behind the scenes” 411 on it all
Ride 1
Ride 1
getting waved through to ride it again IMMEDIATELY cause we had been stuck on it.
getting waved through to ride it again IMMEDIATELY cause we had been stuck on it.
nearly being arrested by Chip based on a drawing of an acorn thief with flaming hair
nearly being arrested by Chip based on a drawing of an acorn thief with flaming hair
calling Hook a Codfish
calling Hook a Codfish


first time on materhorn
first time on Matterhorn

Highlights for me and Jas

boys old enough to drive their very own cars on Autopia
boys old enough to drive their very own cars on Autopia
our first trip to Disney without getting any type of disability assistance- we made due in long lines by being silly
our first trip to Disney without getting any type of disability assistance- we made due in long lines by being silly
enjoying one of the happiest places on earth together for our 11th time -and getting World of Color interactive ears ;-)
enjoying one of the happiest places on earth together for our 11th time -and getting World of Color interactive ears 😉


Halloween FUN!!
Halloween FUN!!


and Friends
and Friends

Until we meet again Mickey…

sad leaving faces
sad leaving faces


Daddy and Momma have a lot of work to do to get us back on one of your boats again!!












1st NFL game

We were lucky to be given tickets to the 2013 season opener at University of Phoenix Stadium by West Coast Plumbing and Air thanks to a facebook contest

Arizona Cardinals vs. Detroit Lions



Daddio was also able to get tickets from his boss and take the boys and Cori as well so it was a big family event!!

It was a really fun and amazing experience



The Big Dunk

2013-07-21 19.07.50

Lots of family and friend’s celebrated with us on April 16th 2011 when both Tyler and Connor made the choice to get baptized





Connor’s BIG moment!!
a new creation!!!
a new creation!!!

Thing is- with autism- you can never really totally prepare for everything— Both boys were SO very excited for their big outward proclamation that they have Jesus in their hearts- and we did everything we could to prepare Ty for “going under” complete with letting him wear goggles for the event

WAIT- I can NOT get my SHIRT wet!!!
WAIT- I can NOT get my SHIRT wet!!!

We had not prepared for the water to be so freezing cold for the services (a problem that the following year was corrected by the addition of heater to the pool after the campus pastors own daughter chickened out from the chill)- So that day- Ty never “went under”

The very first dip in Grandma and grampa’s pool later that summer we tipped him back- but he never did do anything “publicly”  That changed this summer when the youth group pastors put together a pool party baptism event- complete with letting Ty go shirtless and wear goggles.

2013-07-21 18.59.19

2013-07-21 19.04.37


2013-07-21 19.04.48

2013-07-21 19.04.54

2013-07-21 19.04.57


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Matthew 28:19


2013-07-21 19.48.02

So proud of both of my amazing Christ filled young men.


Not all Good byes are sad

2013-05-25 08.16.48
the day was just a blur– literally LOL

2013-05-25 08.15.37

2013-05-25 08.17.30

2013-05-25 12.56.17

2013-05-25 12.56.26

2013-05-24 10.04.49

2013-05-25 08.16.27

2013-05-28 17.52.40


2013-05-27 21.55.30

and that is all she wrote— until we can get unpacked and I can do some better “homey” shots.

We are so grateful to all of our friends and family that broke their backs getting us moved in

Love you all!!