Thanksgiving 2013

This year we did an early Thanksgiving dinner at our house the weekend before Turkey day- simply because we like to eat and my family was not serving turkey at their gathering so we HAD to get a bird and Fly him!!

2013 Tom the Turkey
2013 Tom the Turkey

Thanks to Cori and her stirring patience we did have homemade gravy as well (I gave up on it and was ready to pop the back up emergency jars of gravy)

like 20 minutes of stirring and still smiling
like 20 minutes of stirring and still smiling

We invited our good friends the Sages to join us as well and had a decent spread

2013-11-23 17.25.32
first family holiday at Baylor lane

Thanks to Pinterest I printed some cute props which made me “every say cheese” moments a bit more fun and laid back- (people are not as annoyed to have their picture snapped with a huge turkey legs prop LOL)

2013-11-23 17.30.38

2013-11-23 17.35.23

2013-11-23 17.36.44

2013-11-23 17.36.19

2013-11-23 17.29.37


On the 28th we headed down to my uncles house in Tucson to eat with my side of the family

2013-11-28 12.02.58

2013-11-28 12.01.29

2013-11-28 11.54.04

2013-11-28 11.47.12

2013-11-28 11.51.16

2013-11-28 11.55.112013-11-28 11.52.18

2013-11-28 11.45.51We are very blessed and lucky to have been able to celebrate with so many of our loved one this holiday.