Freezer Clean out Meal Plan

Ahem—Hello? Anyone out there?

Looks like the last time I blogged “regularly” was when we were dual posting our vlogs here 2 years ago. Worse the last time I MEAL PLAN blogged was in 2016??


Returning to my roots to feel some sense of normality over the busy schedule of life. If I am honest about it, we have eaten out about 75% of the time over the last 6 months or so. That was even with a few weeks of Hello Fresh thrown in there as well (if you count all of the networking and lunches with friends etc that we do) If I need to have any type of “control” over food again then I need to start by getting my butt in the kitchen and cooking (baby steps, I am not gonna try to cook “healthy” or any type of specific diet plan foods- I am just gonna meal plan again and get back into that routine..and then once that feels normal again I can look at the content of the meals)

So without further chit chat—here are the meals planned for the next 14 days. I started with a freezer audit and went from there shooting for a goal of getting us as close to fall break as I could.

19th Thur- Sausage Skillet

20th Fri- Fried “rice” and eggrolls (just something to tide us over as we will prob go out after the Campo game for drinks and appetizers)

21st- Saturday we will be in Prescott for the first marching band competition of the 2019 season- so will be eating out.

22nd Sunday- Steak Sammies and corn on the cob and pasta salad

23rd– Monday Sausage Link Egg Casserole (I have a ton of breakfast sausage links in my freezer and I need to get them used up.)

24th– Tuesday  Gammage Night- The first show of the 2019 Gammage season is Miss Saigon-We loved having season tickets last year so did it again this year- with everyone being so busy now it’s nice to have 1 night per month that we know that we will all be doing something together–it will be a rush since Connor has band practice until 5pm on Tuesdays so we will have to just get to Tempe and probably driving thru somewhere.

25th– Wednesday Spaghetti and garlic bread night

26th-Thursday- Chicken Potato and Green bean sheet pan- Mom made this for us camping recently and it was delicious and super easy so throwing it in the rotation

27th– Friday- Home coming game ?? out?? Gonna play this day by ear but definitely planning on eating out.

28th-Saturday-  Turkey Tenderloin  mashed taters and broccoli- I freaking love my air fryer, very happy with it, dare I say probably more so than my instapot??

29th– Sunday- RIBS corn on the cob and homemade mac n cheese- Family if you are reading this you are invited over for some smoked ribs on this Sunday – the Cardinals play at 1:05 (against the Seahawks)

30th– Monday- Tuna Noodle Casserole

1st– Tuesday- Chicken taco night

2nd Wed- Frozen Pizza night

Hope this inspired some of you!!