Day 5 Football and Friends

Still overwhelmed by all of the support I have gotten from friends and family.

Was able to find the FitFare menu at Denny’s and fill up with and stay well within my calories.

Campo Band performs part of their 2016 Shne show at Gilbert High before Friday Night Lights!!

1600 Calorie Salad? What the heck?

Eating right while eating out is HARD yo- ┬áSome of the worst things you can get are SALADS—what kind of betrayal is that? Salads just scream “healthy” but you have to be careful.

Bare with me as I blabber on and on—still trying to get used to the whole idea of “vlogging”- I way over do these daily vlogs with way too much content- I even do my make up on camera– I am such a ┬ánerd. Thansk for following along!!