Veins and Vulnerability

Jason bares it all- Day 4 of the journey—Do red heads have harder to find veins or was that just an excuse from the hematologist that had a hard time getting a draw?
No Soda!!  I have been caffeine free for a long time but still indulge in pops (and since I also avoid aspartame I always have regular) but no soda for me now! Not loving that elliptical though.



Seeing all of the motivation and encouragement Jason has been getting on his fitness vlogs- I thought I would join him. Of course I am much more long winded than he is—what he can do in 2 minutes takes me 6 times the effort—If you have read here for awhile you remember my Meal Plan posts– so in this vlog I actually show you one of our favorite recipes– Asian Meatbals! And I film in the gym for the first time!!