Our Story-Part 1 “Jessie Pre JSquared”

Part 1

Jessie Pre-J Squared

It is about time I put “our story” down “on paper.” I started to do this and realized I ramble a LOT and not wanting to leave out any of these important to me details, this will need to be a series. It is no surprise to those close to us to hear that we truly believe that God is “all up in” the details of getting Jason and I together. To highlight that fact my version of it simply HAS to include the months and “boyfriends” that preceded Jason, because I certainly was not living the life of someone that would meet their future husband during her freshman year of college. God knew though.

McConnell Hall Northern Arizona University

I snagged a cushy “desk” job my freshman year at NAU thanks to the fact that I had work study hours. So every day between classes I sat my butt at the front desk of McConnell Hall (right behind those front doors above) and answered the phone, checked out VCRs and VHS movies to students, checked out keys to help kids locked out of their rooms get back in and filled out a ridiculous amount of CYA paperwork for such mundane tasks. By October I was also settled into my shifts at the desk, involved in Hall Council and playing some intramural sports so basically I had made quite a bit of friends which was a relief being that I lived over 300 miles from “home.”

Jessie & Kendra 1997

Our dorm was pretty big (four stories) and housed something like 600+ guys and girls (coed) so this job made me recognizable to a lot of people on campus and as such I dated liberally. Not something I am proud of, but just a fact. I was bordering on scandalous relationship status with several Lumberjack football players when I decided that I needed to knock that behavior off before I “got myself a reputation.” I spoke candidly about my desire to change my dating habits during one late night shift to one of my guy friends who was an RA. He knew I wanted to avoid some of those mistakes guys bad choices so he thoughtfully switched shifts with me on a regular basis. His name was Trevor and even though he switched shifts with me he still came to the desk during most of his old shifts and we hung out. We ended up sort of dating one another unofficially where we went to movies or the planetarium and held hands but there was never anything more then that. Word about our “relationship” got out and while it was not against any rules for an RA (he was a sophomore I a freshman ) to date a resident, there appeared to be some taboo associated with it. As I was packing to go home for Thanksgiving I received some prank calls on my answering machine from other RAs making fun of our “relationship.” Since I was in that whole “save MY PRESHUS reputation” mind set, I got nervous. I shared the messages with him and while I am not sure that either of us really wanted to halt any forward movement in our budding relationship just because others were being weird, we both felt awkward. Then I went home for Thanksgiving break. At home I didn’t even think about him and when people asked if I was dating anyone I said no, so when I got back the following week it made sense to me that the natural thing to do was just be friends. Thing is I never really made that clear to Trevor.



So that was a little about Jessie—right before she met Jason.

Stay Tuned for Part 2.

Lovingly called “The Vacuum”

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