Feeding my Family until Thanksgiving



Turkey day 2015 is 11 days away— YAY!! But we still need to eat between now and then- and since I have failed miserably in the cooking and grocery shopping department lately (meaning we have eaten out gobs and gobs the last month or so) I have to return to my good ole reliable fixer of the budget- MEAL PLANNING.

Below are 10 meals in no particular order that I hope to make between now and Thanksgiving- I am posting this here for all my friends that miss my weekly meal plan posts. Maybe you need someone else to just figure out the answer to “what’s for dinner” for a little bit- well here is my gift for your ūüėČ


Meal Plan to Thanksgiving (and a bonus meal for what to do with left over turkey_

1РCheesy Green Chile Potato chowder with bread from the bread maker
2РPesto Chicken with sauteed or baked squash and Italian noodles
3Р Sloppy Joes with fries and mac n cheese
4–¬†Cafe Rio Pork tacos and spanish rice (crock pot)


5–¬†Pumpkin Stuffed Shells and garlic bread
6– Cream Cheese Red Sauce Enchiladas and taquitos
7– Chicken Alfredo Biscuit bake
8– Crock pot CHicken Parm over noodles with bread sticks
9Р Slow cooker Beef and Broccoli with egg rolls
10–¬†Thai Peanut chicken and Asian noodles
***Knock Knock-
Who’s there?
What to do with the left over turkey:

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