Our first Blue Apron!!


Our friend Kim has been getting Blue Apron deliveries for awhile now and had a free week to give away so we decided to go ahead and try it out for ourselves.  So upfront it should be know that this week’s delivery was free to us.  We do intend to try it out at our own cost for a few weeks to give it a go for an extended period of time and see how well it fits our family. If you do not know what Blue Apron is- just check out the link- its basically delivery of fresh ingredients for unique seasonal recipes.  It is a subscription box service and for our family only the second of such services we participate in (the other being the Dollar Shave club where we have razor refill blades mailed to us every month) Also- I am posting this prior to even cooking anything in it because I am so excited to share–I will update with a review once I get back from DC later this month and link it here.


The free trial she had we were given the option to choose either 3 meals for 2 people or 2 meals for a family of 4. Since it is our first go at it and since I am prepping to go out of town I decided to try the 2 meal option and we will figure out dinner for the boys on these nights separately.  It is delivered in a refrigerated box so the ingredients are packed as close to shipping as they can to guarantee freshness.


It came in a neat cooler bag with cold packs. Everything pre-portioned, which makes us feel like tv chefs that have our own minions doing prep for us!! I freaking LOVE this!!


 I also think that this will help Jason with preparing dinners more often as I recover from my knee injury– he loves to cook and I think the prep is what always sends both of us into “let’s just grab take out” mode on those more exhausting days.  I think this may prevent that some! Not to mention the portion control factor that I think is going to really benefit the Fit Family Fun goals we have been focusing on this year.


When I signed up I selected to not have any meals with lamb (personal preference), Seafood or shellfish (allergy) or mushrooms (anaphalactic allergy) so that does create some challenges when the protein meals are seafood or mushroom related- which kind of happened this first week- we do not have any “meat” meals because they were either seafood or mushroom heavy.  However, we are still super excited to try out some stuff we likely would never have tried before because it would have been too costly to go buy the individual “odd” ingredients (spices and extras come labeled as “knickknacks”) or because it “sounds too fancy or weird.

This week we will get to try:




All of which we are really looking forward to. Like I said- I am leaving for a trip to DC this Thursday so these meals will help me to not have to grocery shop prior to my trip except for a few smaller things for the boys.  Jason will get the next delivery on Saturday while I am gone and him and Connor can try some of those delicious looking dinners out- (I am jealous- next week there is steak, turkey meatballs and spaetzel- so hopefully they save at least one meal for me to try out of that when I get home late Monday night)  So I will post a review of the meals and cooking process when I get the chance after I return.

So excited!  Thanks Kim and Blue apron!!

Anyone else try it out? What are your thoughts on it?


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