J2- 15th Wedding Anniversary

Well we hit the 15 year mark of marital bliss.


We weather our share of storms but for the most part we come out on the other side with a sunshine warmth that helps us to remember just how blessed we are to have one another.  The laughter and joy that we share on a regular basis is really the biggest part of the soundtrack of our daily lives.  It is hard to think that in just a few short years we will be empty nesters and have that “honeymoon” phase that we skipped over having become parents so quickly into our marriage.  Some times I can think back on the early years of our marriage and remember the days like watching a movie, others it takes a memory jogger like a forgotten melody or smell of a certain recipe to throw me back into reminiscence.

I scanned a few more of our wedding photos and put them to a short little video to share with my hunnybear.



Jason got me a beautiful crystal vase with lovely roses and I got him a new fancy fountain pen with the world etched in it to show him that he is my world.

As a surprise I packed up a little picnic and drove Jason over to the place where he proposed Mountain View Park in Chandler- to have a candle lit picnic at sunset-



It was a lovely way to celebrate the past 15 years and share our dreams about what the next 15 years will hold.


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