More Pinterest Inspirations

Since I did Harvest themed decor in the front room at the beginning of October

The autumn decor before the walls were painted

I really did not have any more fall specific crafts I have been dying to do- so I  am turning my focus to that blank wall in the entry.


The big mirror that is now on the north wall behind the dining table used to take a lot of that wall real estate up so I have always thought I needed to figure out some bigger chunkier pieces to fill in its spot.  I keep flip flopping between a grand family tree heritage legacy theme, a travel them and a general “decor” theme.  I spent a lot of time going through older photos trying to figure out which ones I would display and who in the family would get a spot on the wall- that was stressing me out!  I also could not decide if I liked the idea of doing all black and white photos (so turning more modern pictures black and white) or if having mixed media was more my preference and then I could not find a happy medium between the more traditional “posed” shots I liked and the more candid or less formal shots I liked so I ended up changing my mind on making that entire wall a family tree theme.  I might still create a small collage in the realm of “family tree” but it won’t be the whole wall- I had also really been drawn to travel type decor like rustic maps and compasses and what not- but dang it if all of that is not just “trendy” right now and making it all way pricey.  So I went ahead and went with “general decor” and the first item I wanted in that theme was a big chalk board so I could change out the design on it with the season.

So I pinned a lot of different homemade chalkboard ideas and ended up making one out of:

1- 2 feet x 4 feet sheet of chalkboard (less than $10 at Home Depot)

2- 1 in. x 3 in. x 6 ft. Select Pine Board-347294 at The Home Depot

and had them cut them into the frame sizes I needed which was 2- pieces of 1″ x 3″ cut to 48″  &  2-pieces of 1″ x 3″ cut to 19″
Some stain (I used Minwax Wood finish in “Red Oak”)
some wood glue, some clamps and some hanging hardware.
I really like how that turned out- the stain color is different than what I thought it would end up as but I like it better because its a good contrast with the rest of the browns and oaks in the room.
When I went into the chalkboard project I had envisioned it being horizontal and similar to the same space the mirror took up- but its more of a vertical piece which really changed my plans.  Those who know me know that I am obsessed with having things symmetrical- so I would need the chalk board centered and then 2 like items on either side of it in order to satisfy my OCD in that realm…problem is– if you look in that picture of the wall there is a vent in the wall that is NOT CENTERED and the wall itself is not exactly “centered” in the room either due to how it cuts back for the door
So any ideas I have for creating pieces that mirror one another that can hang on either side are just not working for me.  This shake up of my need to have “Feng shui” has been good though because now I am playing around with a few pieces of scrap wood in the garage that I have ignored because they are all different sizes and therefore could not be used since I don’t have a saw to make them symmetrical in size.
I still have a few finishing touches on the  other piece I made so I will post about that when it is complete and link it on this post and I need to come up with a few more things to hang on this wall as well so I am not hanging anything just yet until I know what I have and where it will go- but it’s a work in progress.
I am enlisting the help of a friend with a vinyl cutter to complete a cool sign after seeing how awful that chalk board writing turned out–I can handle the chalk board being wonky looking since it will change out all the time but I just do not have the steady hand even following the cool tutorials to paint a nice stencil or anything LOL.  Hey at least I recognize my limitations!
~More to come later~



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