Happy October!

The crafting has continued- much to our checking accounts dismay.  Even being frugal and getting bargains at Dollar Tree to re-create things I have seen on Pinterest is taking a bite out of our budget- so I will need to try and scale back and put this habit into check.  For now here are the crafts I have completed in October so far (adding on each week):

October 1st


Even though we no longer burn candles (Essential Oils Baby!) I have been wanting some chunky candle holders to decorate with.  You can put all sorts of things on top of candle holders- but I am cheap and I could never find anything I liked so I finally attempted a Pinterst Dollar Store hack I saw and I am impressed enough with them that I am trying to double tiered version next.  The bases were $1 each and the toppers were a pack of 2 for $1 and the spray paint was something I had on hand from another project but would have spent $.98 on the walmart version if I had to buy it.  So these puppies would be $1.99 each 🙂 That makes me happy.


I also really really wanted to recreate a Halloween wreath that I saw that used the Dollar Store spider web decoration so I went to work on that as well.

20141001_090922_AndroidI got all of the supplies from Dollar Tree for this- the wreath form, it took 2 of the black ribbon spools to cover the form and I bought the other 3 ribbon options to play with as well and the spider web embellishment. In all this one cost me prob about $7 total to make.


I actually had enough supplies to make 2 so I created a second version to gift to my mother in law. Happy Halloween mom! Thanks for always giving me holiday themed dish towels 🙂

October 2nd
Today I finished this quick little festive decoration.Even if I do NOT like candy corn, it makes a nice decoration.


I had saved a wine bottle from last Christmas (not big wine drinkers) and the other two are an empty cooking sherry bottle and an expired sweet chili sauce bottle that I dumped lol, so it cost me the spray paint all of $3.


October 4th

 For my “Autumn” themed decor in the living room I went with a very simple craft of tying some foliage to a few candles with some jute and placing them on the double tiered dollar store holders that I created (I decided to not paint them at this time and use them here instead but they will be so versatile and I can easily coat them with spray paint and use in any tablescape so I am really happy with them


I went ahead and splurged on some LED candles that have a timer on them that I found at Hobby Lobby- they were $4.99 each- I had the jute (but to buy it would have been 1.99) and I cut the 2 leaves off of another fall stem I had in my collection ( if you need to buy you can get some a stem at dollar store for a buck) and the double decker candle holder were $2 a piece so in total these 2 pieces cost around $17 if you have to buy everything including the candle holders- of course if you have stuff it is much less or if you use dollar store regular candles most people could purpose candles they have in their house already and many could even use real fall leaves instead of fake ones and you really do not even need to put them on candle holders even. and make this super cheap etc .  Since we do not burn candled anymore but I wanted the ambiance fo the candle look it was worth it for me rather then just having dust collecting non burned real candle.


This weekend we will pull out all of our Halloween decorations (including lights and decor for the yard because we live in a neighborhood that does up outside holiday decorations from October through December and it makes my heart burst with joy!) I really really want this Weenie Dog inflatable

so anyone want to gift that to me?? I will blog with some more decoration pictures next week.

How are you getting into the mood for October?

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