Welcome Autumn!!

While we may not be pulling out the knit sweaters and sipping cocoa like other parts of the country I have to say this year has given us the most mild temps we have felt in the last half a decade that’s for sure. (at the very least it at least FEELS that way)  I can look back on older fall blog posts and we are still complaining and whining that it’s so hot even at Halloween and while we are still flirting with 100 degrees on the thermometer right now for some reason this year just feels different and it’s not so miserable.  Although the humidity has been interesting and that let’s us know how much we really tend to appreciate the “dry” heat more.


I know we often get a “teaser” cool down and then it heats back up until nearly Thanksgiving time before we really feel a legitimate chill in the air but maybe this year will be different?  I can tell you that I have to actually wait at least a minute to hop in the shower or else I will be shocked by the pelting cold water which usually that only happens November through April here in the  valley.

Even though we will continue wearing shorts for several more weeks if not months I usually tend to go through clothing with every official season change and 2014 was no different in that regard.  I spent a good portion of this afternoon sorting through both boys closets and dressers.  Gone are the days of hand me down from Tyler to Connor- they simply have different body types and quite frankly “style” preferences.  So it was a little bitter-sweet to try to get Connor into Ty’s last year jeans only to have them not even rise above his thighs.  We have always been blessed with hand  me downs from my cousin Jackson but Ty is now pretty similar in build to Jack and I am not sure that there will be many more hand me downs coming our way Jack is a junior in high school and may have hit his growing peak by now so he likely is not growing out of clothes much anymore so much as growing out of styles.

We dug into the last bag of hand me downs we got from them and discovered that shorts that we had tried on both of the boys in March that were WAY too big now fit perfectly and a few we had even missed the window of wearing on. I also finally parted with a ton of stuff that for whatever reason I was deluding myself still fit Ty and Connor.  We ended up with:


TWO GINORMOUS bags to donate all which will be going to Connor’s junior high clothing drive.  Some weird initiative that they trade clothing for books for the library.  You would think that with that much going out they would have nothing left to wear…


Neither one of them will be going naked any time soon.

How often do you go through your kids clothes and rotate stuff in and out?

What other fall traditions do you like to mark the turning of the seasons with?

On October first we will put up all of our Halloween and “harvesty” type decorations.  I typically love to burn candles or simmer potpourri on the stove or in a mini crock pot to help set the mood as well.  This year I can not wait to try out a few oil blends in the diffuser.  I am a candle ADDICT and over the last few years I have had a harder time finding scents and brands of candles that did not cause me to get headaches or feel too overpowering.  Of course I should have listened to my body telling me that burning the candles was basically releasing pollution directly into my home and our lungs, all in the name of “pretty smells.”  Now with the oils we can have the lovely smells and the health benefits as well.

Here is my go to blend for the fall:

Follow our Essential Oil journey with us on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/AZYLLiving
Follow our Essential Oil journey with us on Facebook too!

Obviously Cinnamon will always put me in a “holiday” mood, as is Clove which is just warm and inviting.  The orange and lemon citrus notes both add an uplifting balance to the combo.

Some of the other oils that I love and look forward to diffusing as part of my “feels like fall” home makeover are:

Thieves-  is a super immune boosting germ fighter and Nutmeg (you know like in pumpkin pie??) which also supports a healthy immune system as well as fights fatigue and exhaustion.  It is sort of funny how all of these smells that we associate with “fall” tend to also have anti viral and anti-sickness properties to them– hmm pretty interesting!

Anyways- Happy Fall ya’ll!


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Drugs can make claims of treating, mitigating, preventing, or alleviating disease, because of the rigorous testing protocols and procedures they undergo. The majority of Young Living products are considered dietary supplements, which contain limits on what can be said.  It is merely our intention to share our testimonial about how essential oils have contributed to a healthy lifestyle in our family and not to make any specific medical claims.

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