Staircase remodel- August 2014

We have lived in our new home for over a year now! Truth be told its actually been 16 months of home ownership already and it just FLEW by! We had so many grand plans to do a million things to the house right away- my Pinterest boards are just bursting, but life has a silly way of reminding us that those things cost $money$ hahahahahah.

So slowly and with great intention we have been doing bits and pieces here and there. For example the boys rooms got remade over spring break 2014 (which I am just now realizing that I never finished that blog about so I will work on that later and link here) but for the most part we have been busy making the house our home with the things we have and settling in in.

After the boys rooms we really were not sure what the next project we would tackle was going to be- but after some mishaps on 4th of July in which our carpet was torn up in the stair case by terrified dogs (they hated being left home alone during fireworks and let us know that) the project was pretty much selected for us. So in August we set out to remodel the stair case.

Here is what we were working with- old dingy beigish carpet, dull dingy off white walls, builder standard railings and sun light faded blinds.


FULL disclosure- we hired people to do this for us. We picked everything out but we know our limits and this type of project was just not in our wheel house. Being in real estate we have some amazing connections with vendors so we really got some amazing deals and awesome help on this project.

Carpet removal- ignore my paint sample cover up- I used an entire sample can of our accent wall color all over on every wall in the stairwell trying to decide if I wanted to go dramatic and paint the entire well green or just play it safe with an accent wall…so I had to slapped some primer up over it to cover it all LOL


Paint up for the “faux skirting” idea that we decided to do to save some money-


The wood looking laminate tile we choose for the stairs “Chestnut in the Appalachian line at Linco) – NOT a sponsored link we paid for everything in this post I am just linking it in case others like the colors etc and to keep for future me to remember.


The non accent wall color is the same as the other main areas of our house (Gobi Desert- by Behr)


Our accent wall is River Bank by Behr and here you can see our new light fixture and the crips white blinds.


To really give it a punch we added a frame around the window which I just LOVE and stare at every time I walk down my stairs! That simple detail really gave it a “finished” look and helped pull in the cool faux stair skirting.


One thing I did do is stain the railings myself- I still need to pull them back down and give them a few good coats of poly- but we needed them up for safety and so we put them up for now until I have the chance to really do the poly work some justice.


In these “after” shots you can see the faux skirting and faux baseboard details- I am in love with the microfiber dust mop broom and use it daily to keep them clean- I still do need to take a magic eraser to the white risers and do a little paint touch up on some of them as well (we primed and painted the riser MDF materials to save money from having the flooring guys do it but we only painted 1 side to save time–problem is that it’s obvious that on several of them they installed the wrong side facing out and it wasn’t something we caught until too late *eyes rolling*)


We joke saying that aside from this little peek at the stair well guests get when they use our down stairs bathroom- this space was really done for Jason and I- since the only thing the stairs lead up to is our master bedroom retreat. I will eventually be making a wedding photo gallery with some canvas prints on the interior wall of the stair well just outside of our bedroom door. Overall we really love the transformation.

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