My friend-spired Meal plan {week of 4/16/12}

So in a last ditch effort to get a meal plan started last night- I demanded that friends on facebook reply to my update with a link to a recipe they recently made so I could use those links to fill in THIS weeks meal plan. It went smashing and I had tons of great friends share and help me out of my rut!  I am calling it my FRIEND-SPIRED meal plan because my friends really stepped up and inspired me when I need a little extra motivation 😉 I may have to do that each month!

Reviews from last week:

I make a BOMB left over Easter ham and grilled cheese sandwich- And my boys ate SOUP this week (plain tomato but still thats a step!)

The spaghetti ham bake was good- if I make it again I would use a LOT less bread crumb topping..I only used half of what the recipe called for between the 2 trays and its was still way too much. Might figure out something to replace the mushrooms with as well since I omitted them–that would help bulk it up some and make it less pasta with each bite.

I can also whip up a nice little egg burrito on YoYo days to use the eggs up that are nearing expiration.

Here is what we will be having this week:


Dad out with friend
Spaghetti and garlic bread for Dad and boys
Mom out with girlfriends

Boys night out on way to Small group at church
Chicken Salad sammie for mom before Citizens Police Academy
This is our crunch night for the next few weeks while I have Citizens Academy at the same time as Tys small group- I think small group goes on summer break after May 2nd so we should be better about Wednesday nights then. For now this works for us.

something I can double easily as I think our small group is going to be feeding the fire station this weekend as part of our Serve Weekend so I want to have something prepped
Probably Italian Chicken Pasta because I can easily make one batch in the morning to transfer to a tray for the station and then cook a batch for us for dinner all afternoon.

Taco salad and taquitos

Pulled chicken sammies

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