Meal Plan {4/10/2010}

I am spending more time being intentionally OFF the computer so here is the meal plan this week minus “all the fluff”





Ham and sides–got busy over the weekend and ended up making our Easter Ham yesterday.
Grilled (ham) and cheese sammies with tomato soup (obviously)
Arroz con pollo (chicken and spanish rice)
I just wing it with this one all prepackaged stuff mixed together—Cook some spanish style rice (knorr or rice a roni I perferr knorr) with a can of mexican style diced tomatoes add cooked shredded chicken (this is great for leftover chicken useage or grab a can of chicken)..simmer… serve as is or in tortillas
Spaghetti Ham Bake (making one for the freezer as well)
Salisbury Steak
Date night out
Left over buffet YOYO prob something with HAM in it LOL

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