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In our blog and vlog  we talk about our faith, family, friends and travel.  We post pictures, video clips and anecdotes.  We share stories of trials, victories and mundane day to day thoughts.

We also keep some things on here “private” for as private as something published online can be.

If you know us personally, reach out to one of us and we will be happy to share the password to our full blog with you.

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Investing in the Future

After years of helping clients create financial stability and build their wealth we have finally taken the plunge and entered the rental investment market ourselves!!

Wait- you all bought a rental property in 2021 when the real estate market is on fire??

Yes, yes we did

You should too and here is why:

But this isn’t about our business side of things– So here is a little peak at what the last 6 weeks have looked like for the J2 Geroux Family Trust

Our Cozy Little Chandler, AZ Condo

Bought in July 2021 Pre-Renovations

Our Light, Bright and Refreshed Chandler, Condo in August 2021

Here are a few of the before and afters together for comparison of the changes we had our amazing crews make

New Kitchen
New Floors
New Paint
New Toilets
New Vanities
New Fixtures
New Fans
New Lights
New Appliances

One day this condo might house family that needs to live nearby for care or maybe one day one of the boys will move in with some roommates and start their independent lives but for now we will list it and pray for the families that will call it their home.

PS HUGE Shout out to TSG Services AZ for this incredible reno- we are so very happy with the outcome.

End of 2020 Meal Plan

Finally an end to the year of 2020 is in sight! What better way to see it out than to have all my ducks in a row mid December and meal plan for the remainder of the year. Let’s see how this goes!!

Wed 16th

  Mississippi Roast and Taters and roasted carrots

Thu 17th

Chicken N Biscuits

Fri 18th    Dirty Rice and Garlic Bread

Sat 19th

Steak Fillets in rosemary garlic butter sauce green beans and taters (leftover taters)

Sun 20th
Crispy baked chicken in fav flavors (buffalo, BBQ etc)


Mon 21st
GCU Mens BBall Game Night (no Connor)
Asian Beef “casserole” with eggrolls

Tue 22nd-
Dinner with Friends OUT

Wed 23rd

Frozen Pizza night What non-dairy for Jason??

Thu 24th

The tradition of KFC chicken with homemade sides (potatoes, mac n cheese, rolls)

Fri 25th


Breakfast – french toast casserole, smokies, fruit etc

and Linner Ham??? Menu Still to be determined

Sat 26th- eat on leftovers

Sun 27th

Airfryer Turkey Tenderloin, stuffing and Green beans

Monday 28th
Taco Night

Tues 29th
Chicken Bacon and Veggie Skillet- Skillet Meals page 148 

Wed 30th

Smoked Sausage Skillet

Thu 31st
NYE Order in Chinese its a tradition!!

Annual Mid October Meal Plan

It’s funny now we are such cyclical beings. I gravitate towards needing to have some order this time of year and having the meal plan for each day figured out through the end of the month seems to provide a decent amount of stress relief (and in the year of 2020 the less stress the better am I right?) so here I am again. Without further adieu here is our Mid October through Halloween Meal plan for 2020!

Chicken Bacon and Veggie Skillet- Skillet Meals page 148 

Smoked Sausage Skillet

 Steak Sammies with grilled peppers and onions and chips


Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli


Smoked Babyback ribs, corn cob nibblets, bagged salad mix


Mississippi Roast,  green beans with bacon, and grands


 Crockpot Zuppa Tuscano with garlic toast  


Turkey Tenderloin smashed taters and broccoli-


Crockpot Italian Chicken over noodles


Eat up Leftovers or take out night


Hubby Grilling night
Ribeyes, red potatoes and asparagus


HALLOWEEN!!  Chili and Mummy Dogs- It’s a TRADITION!!

Another Mid Month Meal Plan

We have had a really great 1st half of October– boy is the season already flying by! Having a meal plan really did help these last few weeks- not gonna lie we did still skip some meals (never got around to that breakfast casserole) and ate out a few unplanned times- but we did leagues better than we have been doing so it is baby steps back into the right direction. I tend to have an easier time meal planning this part of the year I guess simply due to routine and types of foods in my repertoire fitting better in this “season”- So here we go— I am filling in the rest of October!!

What we plan to eat for dinners October 13th- 31st:

13th Sunday- Steak and potato wedges with a yummy Bacon Feta Pasta Salad

14th Monday-Chicken Fajitas

15th Tuesday- Sloppy Joes and Fries

16th Wednesday-  Chicken Bacon and Veggie Skillet- Skillet Meals page 148 – We found this great book thanks to some of our favorite vloggers (Jambeauty89 and TylerTravelsTv)

17th Thursday- Connors award at Council Meeting- Pizza Night

18th Friday Home Game Higley- Cabbage Soup Its a Friday Night MARCHING BAND with football in the background night 😉

19th Saturday- Williams Field Show —Easy Skillet Lasagne

Coyote Pride Marching Band’s next competition where they will be showcasing their 2019 show Weathering the Storm–BTW they took 1st place in their division at the 2019 Rainer Classic last weekend

20th Sunday-  Date Night- Mac Powell and the Family Reunion Concert

We LOVE Third Day–and saw them in concert numerous times in the last 2 decades–now that Mac Powell has a new band we are excited to see them play (although we know it simply won’t be the same if its not Jesus music like we are used to)

21st Monday  Peanut Chicken with Eggrolls and Noodles,+20+meals

22nd Tuesday- Air Fryer Wings and Rings

23rd Wednesday  Dirty Rice with ground turkey

24th Thursday- Pizza Night

25th Friday- Home Football Game (Williams Field)- Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti

 26th Saturday- U of A band Day – Heading down to Tucson for the day to see marching bands from all over the state compete–its a very exciting trip!

27th Sunday- Steak Sammies and corn on the cob and pasta salad

I think this is the only repeat meal from last month (aside from Pizza nights) I LOVE these sammies.

28th Monday- Families take the field band BBQ- The BPO does a cook out and invites families to “take the field” and try to march–it’s a fun night and out very last one *sniff*

29th Tuesday- GAMMAGE NIGHT Anastasia- we tried eating out last month on Gammage night and it got us there later than we usually do and parking was a nightmare so we will slurp something down at home before heading over. I really wish this show was not 2 days before Halloween–its CHRISTMAS show in my mind–oh well.

Creamy Tortellini Soup and garlic bread

30th Wednesday Peanut Satay Stir Fry- Skillet Meals Page 179 (same book as above)

31st Thursday– HALLOWEEN!!  Chili and Mummy Dogs- It’s a TRADITION!!

What are you eating this month??

Freezer Clean out Meal Plan

Ahem—Hello? Anyone out there?

Looks like the last time I blogged “regularly” was when we were dual posting our vlogs here 2 years ago. Worse the last time I MEAL PLAN blogged was in 2016??


Returning to my roots to feel some sense of normality over the busy schedule of life. If I am honest about it, we have eaten out about 75% of the time over the last 6 months or so. That was even with a few weeks of Hello Fresh thrown in there as well (if you count all of the networking and lunches with friends etc that we do) If I need to have any type of “control” over food again then I need to start by getting my butt in the kitchen and cooking (baby steps, I am not gonna try to cook “healthy” or any type of specific diet plan foods- I am just gonna meal plan again and get back into that routine..and then once that feels normal again I can look at the content of the meals)

So without further chit chat—here are the meals planned for the next 14 days. I started with a freezer audit and went from there shooting for a goal of getting us as close to fall break as I could.

19th Thur- Sausage Skillet

20th Fri- Fried “rice” and eggrolls (just something to tide us over as we will prob go out after the Campo game for drinks and appetizers)

21st- Saturday we will be in Prescott for the first marching band competition of the 2019 season- so will be eating out.

22nd Sunday- Steak Sammies and corn on the cob and pasta salad

23rd– Monday Sausage Link Egg Casserole (I have a ton of breakfast sausage links in my freezer and I need to get them used up.)

24th– Tuesday  Gammage Night- The first show of the 2019 Gammage season is Miss Saigon-We loved having season tickets last year so did it again this year- with everyone being so busy now it’s nice to have 1 night per month that we know that we will all be doing something together–it will be a rush since Connor has band practice until 5pm on Tuesdays so we will have to just get to Tempe and probably driving thru somewhere.

25th– Wednesday Spaghetti and garlic bread night

26th-Thursday- Chicken Potato and Green bean sheet pan- Mom made this for us camping recently and it was delicious and super easy so throwing it in the rotation

27th– Friday- Home coming game ?? out?? Gonna play this day by ear but definitely planning on eating out.

28th-Saturday-  Turkey Tenderloin  mashed taters and broccoli- I freaking love my air fryer, very happy with it, dare I say probably more so than my instapot??

29th– Sunday- RIBS corn on the cob and homemade mac n cheese- Family if you are reading this you are invited over for some smoked ribs on this Sunday – the Cardinals play at 1:05 (against the Seahawks)

30th– Monday- Tuna Noodle Casserole

1st– Tuesday- Chicken taco night

2nd Wed- Frozen Pizza night

Hope this inspired some of you!!

Real Estate School – 10 years later

Hello world of the Internet!

Are you interested in watching a grown woman come close to tears over escrow settlement sheets?  Will reading about how stupid one chick feels when it comes to the many alternative sources of commercial capital make YOU feel better about YOURSELF? Well look no further, cause I’m about to take you through one lady’s triumphant journey of obtaining her Real Estate License here in the great state of Arizona.

1st and foremost, since this will be getting chronicled through pitiful status updates on facebook and more meaningful posts on this blog I want to assure any potential or current clients of The Spectrum Group at  Revelation Real Estate that you are covered by some really stellar ALREADY fully licensed and experienced Real Estate Agents. My husband Jason Geroux for one, has been in this gig now for 11+ years and I have been his ever faithful behind the scenes assistant. There is only so much I can do to assist him without having my own real estate license so in 2009 I went to school and did the 90 hours worth of classes.  Then testing anxiety kicked in, holidays sprung up, we moved, I went back to college and before I realized it, 5 YEARS had passed since I finished real estate school and I still was not a Real Estate Agent. Que  2014- where I repeated that process ALL over again!! Complete with finishing 90 hours of schooling and just never taking the tests to be DONE and then letting  FIVE MORE YEARS pass by!!

TO be fair in all of that time I did get my associates degree finished, I dabbled in being a travel agent and we started our own small business ( TSG Services ) all while I continued to help Jas with the back office stuff.

So I might vlog or blog about it all and  will certainly  post about it on my social medias Anything that just strikes my fancy over the next few weeks as I study. I will tweet, fb, instagram– and I BEG of you to engage me, because it is with ENGAGEMENT that this mediocrity will morph into something more meaningful then just test fodder.

Now for the disclaimer—I am just a girl, a girl that wants to get a piece of paper, a piece of paper that says that I can participate in a professional scope in real estate transactions here in the state of Arizona.  If you want to get your real estate license then pick a school, pay tuition and go. Nothing in this blog series or any comments or replies on social media is designed to meet any real estate school requirements nor will it prepare you to take the real estate exam. I will not be reproducing the text book or study materials  But when I read something that interests me or that is particularly difficult of a concept for me to grasp I’m gonna blog or tweet about it in my own words. This is just MY journey on this road. A journey that I hope that many friends that I have already made in the R.E. net world will cheer me on during.